Thursday, December 20, 2012

Men will be men

+The Times of India+NDTV+IBNLive - Its all over the media and all over the streets.

I'm not talking about NaMo or Gujarat Polls, but about the girl who met the devils in Delhi.

What happened???

"She was a student. She was 23. She was coming back from a date with her boyfriend. Her fault: she boarded the wrong bus. And oh yeah, SHE WAS A GIRL!!! Six men raped her one by one. Rammed an iron rod inside her vagina. And left her to die on the road. Naked. Wounded. Exposed. Devastated. What’s more no one even turned to look at her. No one even bothered to throw a shawl on the unclad, ill-fated girl. She can never lead a normal married life again. She has gone into coma five times since 16th December. She is unconscious, critical and hasn't been able to stop crying."....and the horror continues...

Yes, I am so ashamed to be an Indian - a country living on double standards since time when other civilizations never existed. 

Violence on women has been happening since a really long time. During earlier days there was the Hindu system of Sati, where the widow was burnt alive with the dead body of her husband. Even today the Muslim system of Burkha prevails. Then there is honor killing, aborting and killing girl child, child molestation, child rape, father raping daughter, brother raping sister, father-in-law raping daughter-in-law, neighbor raping neighbor, teacher raping student, doctor raping patient, and also adding domestic violence to that.....WHERE ARE WOMEN SAFE???? Not in their houses, not in the husbands houses, not in schools, not even in hospitals, and definitely not on the streets of India.

The question is are all Indian men the same? Most would disagree. Ask yourself and find the answer. Most of us do honor our own sisters, mothers and friends but never forget to pass a lewd comment to some other girl who we do not know. DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

Someone once asked me "...what should men do if they see a girl wearing short dresses or outside at night?" I answered, "What should a thief do if it finds your window open?" If the thief is a criminal then so are you. You are worse.

Yes, chemical castration or death penalty may be a way to teach a lesson to these animals and creating fear in other's minds. But this hullabaloo will die down with Christmas and New Year Celebrations. In the long run laws need to be stricter and most important our own mentality towards women needs to be changed. Start valuing a woman's pride and look her into the eye instead of her bosom and say, "we honor you, we respect you, we'll protect you from the animals in the streets."