Thursday, May 31, 2012

Onions had always made us cry...Now it is Petrol

Earlier this year when a new decade had just started, I was hoping to have a sumptuous meal on the first Sunday of 2011. I had got up early and took my wallet and galloped towards Food World (a retail chain in India). After gazing at some of the racks there I went forward to take the most important vegetable, "Onion" without which most Indian recipes are just incomplete. Though I had noticed that the onions displayed for sale were not very fresh but I really ignored it. I took a kilogram of onions and finally billed it paying quite a lump-some amount.

Later back at home while I was cross-checking the things I bought, too my utter bewilderment, I found out that I had paid 60 bucks for those stale onions. I was shocked. Then when I had a talk with my mom the same night, she told me the fact how onion prices were skyrocketing. I had missed the news for some time and on checking some I found out that, irregular rains and export of the vegetable are the reasons that onions in the wholesale market were being sold in the range of Rs 250 for five kilograms before reaching retailers, who were selling it at about Rs 80-100 per kilogram. Uff....that is whole lot of money for a commodity.

The story has repeated once again. Just a few days ago, a colleague of mine received a SMS saying "Petrol prices are going to increase by INR 7.50 by mid-night". We thought it to be a prank but out of curiosity went to the nearest gas station to check it out. That's where I got a shock of my life! More than 100 people were flocking the not so large gas station and the queue for petrol had reached out to the main road creating more congestion on the road. We somehow managed to get our hands on 300 rupees worth of petrol because that's the limit they were offering which showed a clear intention to make some profit.

This sudden rise in petrol by the UPA govt. has caused a stir in the nation which made the opposition mad leading to a country-wide BANDH (strike) today. Further not getting into the economics and analysis of things which you can get in ample from the leading newspapers and blogs.

I would just like to say that if the prices of commodities start increasing in this fashion then there is going to utter chaos in the country. The most affected will be people like us who dream to buy a car but could not afford it because of the high cost of running it everyday. When is India going to become a country where dreams come true. And what is the govt. going to do with all this extra money, they are just going to be stacked in the swiss accounts of our so called politicians who have messed up the country which at one point had dreamed of being worthwhile and add value to society and make its mark in the world.


I would like to quoted from DNA that,

"The petrol price hike has been like rubbing salt on the common man's wound"