Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am a Train

I am a Train. I graze the landscape from one end to the other. People from various religions, class, caste and creed board me every now and then. Some for short distances and some for a longer time. I am built of solid iron and steel. I am not meant to have feelings. I cannot cry or laugh or smile. I just gape at this amazing world. No one remembers me after their journey. They only remember their experience, but not me. No one stays forever. They all get down at their own stops leaving me alone to rest in the yards at night so that I can run again in the morning. My only companion are the tracks. Without them I am useless. I can't even fall in love with another train, because we can never be together. Tracks are parallel but they never meet. If I meet another train it can be only a collision. I have no life. I am just a commodity. I am a Train.