Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Scared the Shit Out of Me?

Horror Movies, Mystery Thrillers, Psycho Killers, Child Ghosts, Doll Ghosts - these have nothing to do with giving me goosebumps or a tiny shiver. Being used to watch all sort of crap and gore has really made me insensitive to the horror effect of these which bring shivers down the spine. There was a time when people told me, that, first time when The Exorcist got released, there were Ambulances standing outside the theaters...not sure how true the fact is!!! Ya the movie was little creepy but really did not make any difference in getting me scared.

Now that is just mundane stuff. Coming to the point now. The other day, it was a Sunday afternoon and I just ordered for home delivery from one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Chung's. I was watching some really gory stuff on NatGeo where three full grown cheetahs were pulling down a buffalo. These guys are capable of it all and with team work they can pull down almost every thing on earth.
Suddenly I turned towards the door and saw two brightly lit green eyes. WTF! that was my reaction. It was a cat peeping and which I imagined to be cheetah, now that's what I say when imagination is creepier than most horror movies. A small cat peeping into my room scared the shit out of my life (not literally of course). I ran behind it to see where it came from and to my utter bewilderment there was no cat there. Where did it come from? Through the window of my hall? Where did it go? I have no idea.

Anyways spent the rest of the day quite terrified and the Chinese food did not change things. Kept on looking at the door from time to time. So cats, dogs, cheetahs...please be away from me and my dreams.