Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Camera Alive Again

A few months back I had been to Goa, to enjoy a wonderful holiday which could have been spoiled by the awesome rain that showed up everyday, but my spirits did not let me down. So back in Goa I was trying to click photographs all around with my just a year old Nikon S220 (not a very hi-fi camera, but was a gift from my dad on finishing MBA), imaging myself like those on NatGEO or other professional photographers. Then one point of time after clicking some 300+ photographs the camera suddenly went blank suddenly as the display stopped working. I was quite dis-heartened as I had to continue clicking with my mobile camera.

So when I returned back to Bangalore, I found out that my camera has 2 years of warranty. I was thrilled with the idea of getting it fixed for FREE!!! I kept on postponing to go to the Service Center and finally managed to go today. After finding my way to the service center when I showed them my camera they immediately told me "LCD is gone, need to replace, wait a minute....4700 bucks, warranty wont work" I had to agree...alas!

The camera got fixed withing minutes. I was busy staring at the Chinese girl who came with another Chinese guy, when one of the engineers there explained me the concept of LCD and other stuff why the camera might have got spoiled for. As the engineer was explaining the stuff I realized that I was using the camera in the rain, the water might have soaked in and spoiled the LCD. Wow...that was quite enlightening!!! and finally I came back home. Oops...I have a camera again. Click Click...:-)