Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Getting your priorities straight is very important when you reach a dead end. There always comes a day in every individuals life when the bewilderedness of the mind gets you to ask a question, What's Next? This is the moment when you have lost track of what you are doing in life and where you are heading to and what your goals are. There can be multiple reasons behind this situation. Either you got lost and too much involved in that one thing you are doing in life or you have not planned your life properly. And you got stuck. Work or studies or anything for that matter can some sometimes get us too involved and we stop thinking anything beyond that. Like what after studying or what after job or why study and why work. There has to be a parallel reason behind everything we do. Not getting that parallel reason straightened gets us into this fix and we forget our priorities. So what are these priorities that I' talking about.
Family, Health, Friends, Career, Money, Life, Happiness... are all Supersets of the so called Priorities. We need to deeper inside these supersets and find out every element of our life and give them the due attention and importance. There is a connection between all of them. That's what we are looking for. If we can find those small connections and jot them out into that small little diary we got in New Year we can make something of our life. The question you should ask yourself is, What do I need to do first? What do I need to do second and third and fourth....? Once you got that straightened out you will find a new meaning to your existence. Though I think I am not the right person to talk on this topic; yet I am on my way to get my priorities straight and you should do it too.