Friday, September 3, 2010

The Expendables

"The Expendables" had been a must watch for me since a long time. Just not because of the much hyped one frame scene of Stallone, Arnold and Bruce. The main reason was watching Sylvester Stallone on the big screen for the first time in my life. What else can be expected from a person who grew up watching Rambo and Rocky from his childhood and never skipped a Stallone movie on the television.

Stuck in Forum (A mall in Bangalore in case you are not aware) for 4 hours alone, without any intentions of shopping somehow pulled me to the PVR in there. Scrolling through the movies running, I was quite delighted to see tickets available for The Expendables. There was nothing much to think about although I was already five minutes late, as I hurried towards the counter and managed to enter as soon as possible.

The opening scene had just begun with some hard hitting action. Stallone stars as the leader of the mercenary-for-hire team, Barney Ross, while Jason Statham plays Lee Christmas, a knife expert and second-in-command. Jet Li plays Ying Yang, a martial arts expert, Dolph Lundgren plays burn-out Gunner Jensen. Randy Couture is the tough guy on the team, Toll Road, while Steve Austin plays Paine, the henchmen for Eric Roberts’ James Munroe. Terry Crews, Gary Daniels, and Mickey Rourke round out the cast. Each name on that list is capable of headlining their own movie (granted, some more than others), and together they make for an impressive lineup.

I will not talk about the story here, as there was not much of it really, other than some drugs, some commander, some girl involved in getting these old monsters show us some law defying action. Forget the cinematography or the direction or the story. There has been numerous times we have enjoyed a movie without any of these just because we wanted to enjoy it. The only reason we need to watch it is because we may not get an opportunity to watch these characters on the big screen ever together. The movie is not for critics, the movie is for fans. This is one of those movies which is torn wide open by the critics because of all the terrible faults in it. But if you just a movie buff who does not go by reviews to watch a movie you can enjoy some hard hitting action from the stars we grew up watching.