Saturday, June 12, 2010

A rigorous selection procedure

Welcome to My Blog "The Other Side". As you can understand from the name there is an other side for every story, every situation and every thing that we see and perceive in life. Chill Guys! Not trying to be philosophical about anything.

I came up with this blog site after many days of fighting with my dilemma about Wordpress or Blogger. Finally I chose Blogger; not because I don't like Wordpress or something; instead I love Wordpress alot, but there were some very different issues which I may be wrong - just like the other side.

After some research and testing I found out that Wordpress has a more corporate feel and Blogger is mainly inclined towards freelance bloggers. Wordpress requires hosting if you really want to access all its features and dig deep to make the most use of it. You get only a limited access in the free version. There is no CSS editing, no Plugin installations and not many free templates. But if you can host it in your own location then there is simply nothing like it. You can create a complete website from it!

But on the other side Blogger is completely free with complete access to Layout editing, HTML editing and access to all sorts of amazing free plugins. The new Template designer is just the feature you are looking for. Also it is very easy to use and you can just get started in a couple of minutes.

So here I am!!! Blogger

If someone wants to read more about it you can follow these links and decide for yourself.
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